A Person, Good for Nothing.

Jubayer works hard and tries not to take himself too seriously. He is no so tall, but is a terrible cyclist. What a useless fork.

What Jubayer lacks in drifting and wheelie skills he more than makes up for in internet skills. A career Problem Solver, Jubayer has spent the last 3 month like a slam-dunking development to build this website, as  work for person he loves no matter big or small.

Jubayer can be contacted by internet mail at jubayer98 {at} gmail {dot} com.

A little bit more about me. Like anyone cares.

Having grown up in the sweltering capital of Bangladesh, it’s called Dhaka heat and noisy air pollution, Jubayer enjoys staying indoors, 3 wings fan circulation, indoor spaces, working on his pasty complexion, quite, movie theater and personal lab.

When Jubayer is not being a jerk by forgetting to complete his “Ajaira” works, eating all the stored frozen food and showing up for work on time every day (so annoying), he enjoys never being satisfied with his own work, chicken fry, third person shooter games, music, reading (nothing with big words, naturally) and movies. You know, stuff that most guys like. A real original.